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Child support can be a difficult issue for parents to negotiate, both during and after a divorce. To add to the complexity, any agreement may need to be modified at a later date when one or both parties experience a change in income, expenses, child custody, dependent benefits or child care costs. Tom Lee can provide the legal representation you need to ensure a fair outcome tailored to your specific case.

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Ensure your rights are protected

Many clients come to us seeking to either decrease the amount of support paid or to increase the amount of support received. Minnesota Statute §518.64 stipulates the requirements regarding child support and spousal maintenance. We help our clients understand this complex set of laws, know their rights and use the law to reach fair resolutions.

Rights of fathers

If you are a father with a child born out of wedlock, you will not have paternity rights unless you petition for them in court. However, you can still be ordered to pay child support. A liability can be established and apply retroactively for the previous 24 months. We can help you explore your full options, such as pursuing parenting time or custody, or help protect your rights in case of a paternity motion.

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