3rd-Party Custody & Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer

Are you the primary provider of care to children who are not your own? Do you want to protect the best interests of the children in your life? If you are already acting as a de facto parent and the biological parents are missing, unfit or unable to provide care, you may be able to obtain custody.

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Minnesota’s third-party custody law

Minnesota third-party custody law states that when biological parents are unfit or unable to provide care, grandparents, relatives or other interested adults may be able to obtain custody of children caught in this situation. Some reasons third-party custody may be granted include:

  • Parental abandonment or negligence
  • Parental drug or alcohol abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Handicapped — Inability to provide care
  • Incarcerated parent
  • Missing parent

Timely action with an experienced attorney is critical

If you are acting as a parent to a child who is not biologically yours, it is important to file a motion for custody while the child is living with you. Your case will be built on proving that the child’s interests are best served if you, as a grandparent or third-party care provider, are given primary custody. These cases can be very technical, so choosing an experienced attorney in grandparents’ rights and third-party custody cases is crucial.

Establish or protect visitation rights

Sometimes third parties may be unfairly prohibited from visitation rights to the children in their lives, especially in times of stress such as divorce or custody disputes. Even if you do not seek to gain full custody, Tom Lee Law can help you gain or maintain visitation rights.

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