Do You Need a Twin Cities Paternity Lawyer?

Both men and women can be affected by a paternity action, which determines if a man is the father of a particular child. Tom Lee is a paternity lawyer who can help you establish what course of action to take in light of your unique situation.

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Why do people open paternity cases?

There are many reasons why people turn to paternity lawyers to get legal counsel. Paternity can be used for any of the following reasons:

  • To impose child support obligations
  • To establish a right to inheritance
  • To secure consent for a child’s adoption
  • To gain child custody or parenting time rights

Not only can establishing paternity be helpful in legal matters, but it can also contribute to a child’s sense of identity and belonging, fostering healthy development and well-being.

Rights for unmarried fathers

Even if an unmarried father signs a Recognition of Parentage form at the time and location of his child’s birth, he still does not have paternity rights—unless he goes to court. However, an unmarried father may be responsible for child support payments before his legal rights are established. A liability can be established and apply retroactively for the previous 24 months. It is important for everyone involved to know their rights to ensure an equitable solution all around.

Get help from an experienced paternity lawyer

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